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Commercial and Residential Tree Care and Pest Control Services in the Mid-Michigan Area

Flushing Tree Care
Replacement of nursery stock can be very expensive. Proper fertilization, insect and disease control, and good pruning practices are not only recommended but also essential to the continued good health and vigor of your landscape. Our horticultural program is designed to control most problems that arise. As with our lawn care, service calls are free to all our customers. Call today to schedule your free analysis from the Elite team!
Tree and Shrub Program 
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Insect and disease control
  • Dormant oil
  • Corrective pruning
  • Mulching
  • New plant installation
  • Winter protection
EARLY SPRING – This treatment is effective in helping suffocate egg clusters deposited in the fall and overwintering adult insects.
LATE SPRING – Basic nutrients and micronutrients are injected into the feeder roots of your trees and shrubs. This treatment helps relieve winter stress, increases strength and vigor, and enhances flowering.
EARLY SUMMER – This application helps control insects such as mites, chewing and sucking insects, and fungus diseases.
SUMMER – This application is the second in a series of three insect and disease treatments offering continued protection of your trees and shrubs.
LATE SUMMER – This is the final insect control treatment. This will help clean up your landscape of any remaining insect activity.
EARLY FALL – A deep root fertilization which replaces the nutrients the plants have disbursed over the summer and helps to prepare them for winter stress to come.
PRUNNING – Corrective pruning services available. Call for a free estimate.
Corrective pruning services are available. Call for a free estimate.
Call us at 810-659-4500 for healthier trees and shrubs. 
Home Exterior Pest Control Services
Our licensed technicians apply a series of treatments to the perimeter of your home to provide season-long pest protection. Our program creates an invisible barrier to help control ants, beetles, boxelder bugs, earwigs and spiders from entering your home. Treatments are not harmful to your landscape. Program covers spring summer and fall. Call today for a free estimate.
We offer prepayment discounts on all services. Ask about our yearly maintenance agreements.